Frequently Asked Questions



How does the raffle system work?

If you are interested in a particular piece please register for the raffle on the product description page. We do not limit the number of pieces one can register for. Therefore, please be considerate and register only for the item(s) that genuinely interest you. Each piece has a four-day period during which any individual may register for a running in the raffle. There is a visible timer that allows one to see the remaining time. At the conclusion of this four-day period a winner is drawn at random. An email will be sent ONLY to the selected individual with relevant details.

If you receive this email you will have 48 hours in order to make the donation and shipping charge payment. If one fails to do so within this time frame, a new name is drawn and the procedure is repeated. We will be unable to reverse the process once a new individual is selected. Therefore, remember to be alert and available post the raffle registration period to ensure a smooth transaction. Please also check your junk / spam folder. If you are no longer interested in the piece, please kindly inform us at the earliest. Once you have made a donation, we will not accept cancellation. Please note that the donation will be taken in addition to shipping costs.

 Why exchange and donation?

We want to give everybody, who takes pleasure in our pieces, the possibility to purchase one. In our understanding, true value is not the number written on the price tag, true value is how much an item is appreciated. An example would be this: A homeless man may donate 50 cents, possessing only one Euro therefore, giving 50% of his monetary possession. A millionaire may donate 5000 Euro but not even give 0,5% of his monetary wealth.

Another reason is that we believe the current monetary system has devalued life and is partly responsible for a lot of suffering all around the world.
We believe money should only be a tool for exchange, not self-generating and especially not one of the main ideals in life. Or even better: no money at all, which means direct exchange of something we can make for something we cannot make, just piece for piece, no numbers and no value.

We truly enjoy doing what we do, this is our pleasure; there is no need to gain more than essential for creating and living and if we gain more we want to share it with others by realizing our vision.

How much should I donate?

We are offering you the opportunity to donate freely, creating your own value of our work.
We encourage you to consider the value you will place on a certain piece and its contribution to your life and of the time, (loving) energy and materials we have spent in its creation.
Thank you.

How can I offer an exchange?

If you see a piece you like and wish to offer us an item or service in exchange please email us via the contact form as soon as possible. Please clearly state which piece you are interested in.

What are the shipping charges?

The postage and packaging is calculated on the delivery address. Find more detailed information on shipping here.

How frequently is the market updated?

We do not have a regular production schedule. If you are eager to know of the availability of our work please follow us on our Instagram where we will post updates of such developments.

What if I receive a damaged / broken piece?

In the event that your item is damaged during shipping please contact us immediately or within seven days of receiving the package. For further details on returns, see here.